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Oh Honey, I like you just the way you are!

Sweet, sweet honey, the magical puke of the humble honeybee and the reason we as humans started keeping bees in skeps all those millennia ago. For basically all of human existence the only way to add sugar to your diet was in the form of honey, and it commanded a very high price. In Europe special laws were written to protect beekeepers and their bees, and it was perfectly acceptable to pay your taxes in honey.


Obviously, honey is pretty great stuff. Hell my life basically revolves around it, and I'm great, so of course anything I involve myself in must be great too right? But like anything ancient and powerful, reality and rumor start to blend together. All over social media you'll find home remedies that involve the use of honey. It's often touted as a miracle cure for everything from bee stings (nope, doesn't work) to diabetes (absolutely not and a terrible idea). 


Ever heard that honey won't go bad? It's true! Ever heard that a Big Mac won't go bad? It's also true... and for the same reason, they're both so dry that microbes can't grow in (or on) them. That's what makes honey antimicrobial. It's literally like a microbe desert, sucking the moisture out of any microbe that tries to live there. That's super cool, and part of why bees probably evolved the way they did, when they collect nectar they use special enzymes in their stomach to break down the complex sugars it contains, then they use their wings to dehydrate the honey to as low as 15% water. That's cool right?


But that doesn't mean you should use honey to disinfect your cuts! There's very little evidence to support its use, plus your blood plasma is like 92% water, so any viruses, fungi or bacteria that might be in the honey can easily be transmitted to your very hospitable blood stream. Try neosporin instead, it's a much better way to disinfect a cut and leaves you more honey for your morning tea. Don't believe me? Ever heard that you shouldn't feed honey to babies? That's because honey contains all kinds of natural fungi that can cause serious illness to anyone with a compromised immune system, like babies. 


So now that I've got you good and scared, you might be asking yourself why should you keep buying honey from your local beekeeper or even better, why should you buy honey from Boston Bee Company, and why are we selling it if it's so dangerous?! First of all, you should continue to buy our honey when it's available, do it for the children... specifically my children, they're expensive! (My children are a dog and 2 cats but still!)


Honey may not be the next cure for cancer and it isn't going to cure your diabetes, and since I keep seeing this on the interwebs I'm going to put it in caps, HONEY WON'T CURE YOUR DIABETES. But it's still a great sweetener, and raw, lightly filtered honey contains a whole bunch of important proteins, micronutrients, and local pollens. Honey is sweeter than table sugar, so you can use less of it, and it's a great way to support your local community, as honey is one of the few sweeteners you can still buy from a local supplier. Ever try getting fresh Stevia at your local farmers market, good luck!


So keep buying honey, from us, at Boston Bee Co. Right there under the shop button, and join our email list so when it's back in stock you'll be one of the special few 8-10,000 lucky peeps to know when we restock. Then put the honey in your tea, or coffee, or cake mix, or whatever other food you wanna sweeten, and keep it off your diabetes!