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About Us

We're Courtney and Mark, the owners of Boston Bee Company. I'd like to put here that we're both entomologists and have spent the last 20 years studying honeybees but the truth is we're just two people who love bees and love making and sharing things. 

Courtney is a Partner and President of Social Media, she's also the main product designer. Somehow she still manages to go to school full-time and work a full-time job as a CNA, while studying to become a nurse. She's the most energetic person I've ever met.

I'm Mark, I'm the head beekeeper and I hold stuff while Courtney works. Sometimes I have to carry heavy things up or down the basement stairs. No one's really sure what I do around here and I prefer it that way. Mostly I nap while the incredible people around me keep this place from burning to the ground. I handle most of our speaking engagements and presentations. I also get stung by bees, a lot. 

Basically we're just two regular people who want to do something special. We want to share our love of bees and our handmade products with as many people as possible. We're always available to chat and answer questions and we truly do love what we do. Next time you see us at an event or a Farmer's Market, come say hi!