Thank you for supporting your local honey farm

Bee Package

Someone gave you a hive to get you started but where do you get your bees? How about you buy the best bees available, specifically bred for honey production and their calm demeanor. Not only are our bees perfect for your new hive, each package sold helps support local beekeepers! Your purchase helps fund critical research and educational opportunities in Southeastern Massachusetts, an area of the nation with a massive shortage of honeybees and beekeepers, and the place we call home. 

 Our packages are shipped directly to your local post office at the end of April or early May, depending on weather and the whims of the bee ladies themselves. Each package is 3 lbs of beautiful buzzing honeybees and contains approximately 10,000 bees, plus a queen! These are the highest quality honeybees available bred from hardy overwintered stock and will provide you with the best possible chance of having a successful and bountiful honeybee hive.