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Beehive Kit Langstroth Deep

Our deep Langstroth kit is made from clear grain, FSCⓇ certified wood. The two deep boxes assemble easily with our precision milled comb cut joints, creating an exact fit.

Choose your wood type, with windows or without, and whether you'd like 8-frame or 10-frame boxes.

A roof, inner cover, and screened bottom board are all included and made from the same sustainable wood. The shingled roof echoes the design of the comb cut joint, delivering a cohesive aesthetic for your apiary, garden or yard.

8-frame boxes measure 14" wide by 19" long by 9" deep

10-frame boxes measure 16" wide by 19" long by 9" deep


  • 2 FSCⓇ certified Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar deep boxes with comb joints (hive bodies)
  • Comb cut roof with precision milled shingles
  • Inner cover
  • Screened bottom board with sliding insert
  • Stainless steel screws for assembly of deep boxes and roof

Frames NOT included. Standard deep frames or our foundationless deep frames work with this hive

  • CNC cut windows on each side of the boxes with black walnut latches


  • Drill or screwdriver with Phillips bit
  • Approximate assembly time: 45 minutes
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