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Premium Medium Hive Starter Kit Complete


We’ve made it easy for you by bundling everything you need to get started with a medium Langstroth hive made from our most popular wood, including the favorite accessories at a significant discount over purchasing each item separately.

Choose between 8-frame or 10-frame boxes, your jacket size, and glove size, and you're on your way to keeping bees!

Save at least $80 buying it as a starter kit. This medium hive is made from the highest quality, clear, sustainable, FSC® certified Douglas Firour strongest, hardest, and most durable species.  


  • 3 Douglas Fir medium boxes with CNC-cut comb joints
  • 24 or 30 foundationless frames with comb guides
  • 1 Douglas Fir peaked roof with comb cut shingles
  • 1 Douglas Fir inner cover
  • 1 Douglas Fir screened bottom with stainless screen and bottom insert
  • Stainless steel self-drilling screws for assembly of boxes and roof
  • Ventilated beekeeping jacket with round veil
  • Ventilated beekeeping gloves
  • Stainless steel American-style smoker, 
  • Beekeeping brush 
  • Stainless steel J-Hook hive tool
  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Beekeeping book
  • 16oz of 100% pure Tung Oil
Box Size
Ventilated Jacket Size
Glove Size